4002 Vista Way, Oceanside, CA 92056



The Tri-City Hospital Auxiliary is an independent 501(c) non-profit organization serving the interests of the patients, their friends and family, and the staff of the Tri-City Medical Center in Oceanside, California. Its members and leadership work closely with the Tri-City Hospital Foundation and the Tri-City Medical Center seeking the best possible outcomes for its community. 

The Board and Officers are selected by a Nominating Committee and the voted on by the general membership. The initial term for a Board Member is one year and subsequent terms are two years. Terms for Officers are also two years. Directors may serve a maximum of four consecutive terms for a total of seven years. 

2019-2020 Officers

Each officer has specific duties and responsibilities. The President oversees the entire operation with the support of the First Vice President. The Second Vice President oversees communication with the Departments. 


Jeff Marks

President, Jeff Marks 

As chief executive, the President oversees Auxiliary activities. The President also appoints the Department Chairs and reports on Auxiliary activities at the annual meeting.

Linda Wolff

First Vice President, Linda Wolff

The First Vice President supports the President, fulfilling a variety of executive tasks and special assignments assisting with leadership duties.

G. Michael Unveferth

Second Vice President, G. Michael Unveferth 

The Second Vice President assists Department Chairs and conducts the annual refresher training.

Rosalind Bussey

Treasurer, Rosalind Bussey

The Treasurer is responsible for the financial affairs of the Auxiliary and supervises production of an annual financial report.

Liz Brayton

Recording Secretary, Liz Brayton  

Maintains a record of all organizational meetings and Board actions.

Board of Directors

Judi Griffith

Corresponding Secretary, Judi Griffith

Responsible for individual correspondence such as thank you letters, notes of well wishes, etc.

Carole Vance

Gift Shop Manager, Carole Vance

Manages all aspects of the Tri-City Medical Center Gift Shop including purchasing, sales process and the schedule for volunteer salesclerks. 

Bunny McElliot

High School Volunteer Director, Bunny McElliott

Conducts recruitment and training for the High School Volunteer program including two orientation and training sessions annually. Serves as liaison to Scholarship Committee.

Historian, Sandy Tucker

Maintains a living history of the activity and success of the Auxiliary, providing an annual report to the membership. 

Chris Sheets

Member at Large, Chris Sheets

Is available for special duties as assigned by the President.

Sharon Hambly

Membership Director, Sharon Hambly  

Maintains accurate membership records and manages collection of annual dues and related financial issues. 



Jane Palmiotti

Parliamentarian, Jane Palmiotti

Chairs the Auxiliary Nominating Committee and maintains both the Standing Rules and Bylaws, presenting suggestions for amendment twice annually.


Mary Gleisberg

Publicity Director, Mary Gleisberg

Maintains active relationships with local media providing interesting and informative stories. Works with the Webmaster to create a positive, friendly face for the Auxiliary across all external media. Also responsible for external events. 

Carol Saunders

Recruitment and Advocacy Director, Carol Saunders

Keeps abreast of legislative and other public body actions that may impact the Auxiliary or the Tri-City Medical Center. Also responsible for social media activities that encourage membership growth.


Ways & Means Director, Dick Robertson

Chairs the Budget Committee to develop and present the Auxiliary budget to leadership annually. Serves on the committee evaluating proposals for the annual gift to Tri-City Medical Center.